Tuesday, June 20, 2006

An Unwanted Intruder

On a hot, sunny summer morning I was walking through one of my apartment buildings and I found an unwanted intruder. I saw signs that rats have invaded one of my apartment building's basement. Rat droppings and chewed up phone, internet and tv cable wires were proof that rats have invaded my apartment building's basement and storage spaces.

In the past, I've noticed mice or rats sometimes come inside buildings to escape the harsh, cold Chicago winter. Now that its summer, maybe the rats come inside looking for a new home with fresh water, more food and 'greener pastures'. Now that its summer, maybe the rats increased family size makes them look for a new home. Now that its summer, maybe the rats are looking for a new home in a cold basement to get out of the hot Chicago weather. For whatever the reason, the dirty disease carrying rat invaders cannot be tollerated to live with civilized human beings. The rats now have polluted an otherwise clean basement. The rats left feces droppings, chewed up drywall, chewed up tenants stored items, and chewed through cables and electric wires. Chewed up electric wires can cause a fire that could kill people living in the building. The rats are a clear and present danger to all the people living in the building. I reacted fast and without thinking twice.

I bought sweet poison pellets, glue traps and contact poison spray. I put all the poison, pellets and traps around the effected basement areas. After I was finished, I went to the laundry room to wash up. As I was washing up, a young blond haired college girl was taking her laundry out of a dryer machine. She started talking to me. I told her I had put down poison and traps to kill the unwanted rat invaders. Her reaction surprised me.

Instead of thanking me for keeping the building safe from rats that could cause desease, fire or property destruction, the college student started to tell me, "I should be nice to the cute little mice." She wanted me to leave them alone and 'live and let live'. She wanted me to be tolerent of the mice or rats. She wanted me to at worse take the rats outside alive and just let them go.
I told her, "No, I'm not going to do that. If I trap the rats and let them go outside, I will only be letting the rats go free so they can just come back inside again." I told her that the rats are desease ridden and drop feces all over. I told her that mice and rats destroy all the people's property. I told her that mice and rats destroy phone, tv, internet and electricity cables. I told her that mice and rats chew through phone, tv and electricity cables that could cause a fire that could, G-d forbid, destroy the apartment building and kill people in a fire.

I stuck to my instincts and did what I thought was the right thing to do. The college girl tenant eventually saw my point of view. Maybe she realized she had no choice. I'm the landlord. I own the property. I set the rules. Then I thought, maybe she actually changed her liberal 'tree hugging' ideas right there on the spot. She said, "I only thought of the poor little mice." I told her of the harm mice and rats do. I also told her of the diseases they spread. For whatever reason, she changed her mind and agreed with me. The rodents have to be killed. As she left the laundry room, she turned back to me to wish me happy hunting. She was happy I was working to keep her, and the building, safe and clean from rodent invaders.

The same applies to the situation in Israel. Substitute 'Arab jihadi terrorists' for the word 'rats' and you see the problem, and the solution to Islamic jihad terrorism in Israel. Arab terrorists, and all those who support them, are disease ridden invaders to the land of Israel. The Arab's disease is terrorism, and extreme Jew hatred. Muslims hatred of Jews and in general hatred of all non muslims, called kafirs, is enshrined in the Koran. Muslims religious services continually shout hatred and death to the infidels. Muslim jihadi war with all non muslims is enshrined in the very religion of Islam and its founder, Muhammad.

Muhammad's life is a story of being the ultimate terrorist jihadi. Muhammad terrorized and killed 3 entire Jewish clans who had peacefully lived in Arabia for thousands of years. Muhammad life consisted of wars of terror, murder, slavery, rape, including child rape, and mass murder. All of these great evils were part of Muhammad's wars and life. All muslims respect and admire and wish to copy Muhammad's life. Truly a evil murderer terrorist for muslims to emulate.

The Arab jihadi terrorists of Hamas, Islamic Jahad, Fatah, Al Aqsa, PRC, Hisbollah, and the Arab league, sponsored and supported by Syria and Iran, don't want to live side by side in peace with Israel. The Arab terrorist gangs want to replace Israel with an all Arab, only Arab state of Palestine. Islamic jihadists will then unite Jordan with Palestine on their way to unifying into a greater Arab Islamic caliphite empire. Arab terrorists only wish to kill Jews and destroy all of Israel. Islamic jihad terrorists have to be exterminated with no sympathy. Sympathy cannot be given to terrorist killers of innocent women and children.

Americans will never forget the 9/11 Arab terrorist attacks. No self respecting Jewish American would ever consider living with terrorists who only wish to kill Jews, Christians and destroy Israel. Americans would NEVER tolerate missles being fired on innocent American civilians. Not for one day. Not for one hour. No self respecting American would tolerate this act of war going unanswered. The American government and people would respond with all out war if there was one rocket lauched by Cuba or Mexico on any US cities and innocent Americans killed.

Are Israeli Jewish lives worth less then American lives? In Sderot, and small towns around southern Israel, over 500 missles have been fired into Israel from the Arabs in Gaza. In less then one day, the American military would invade, bomb and destroy any and all terrorists sending missles into American towns.

No second thoughts are needed. No 'tree hugging' ideas are needed. No compassion is needed. Only the will to destroy evil is needed. Only the ability to defend what is rightfully Jewish land and property is needed. Only a massive Israeli military response to stamp out Arab jihadi terrorists and all those who support terrorists is needed. War must be fully waged on the evil Arab terrorists. The war must be called what it is. The West vs. Islamic jihadis. If Israel wishes to survive, it must do the same as the Americans are now doing in Iraq and Afganistan. All out war to win.

May G-d give us loyal Jewish Israelis and loyal Americans the strength to stand up to evil, and destroy the evil Arab jihadi terrorist invaders in our midst and around the world.

"If I forget thee O Jerusalem...."