Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Muhammad Cartoons--part 2

Well planned demonstrations in the first 2 weeks in Feb. 2006 in London, Paris and New York City have shown to the world the true face of Islam. Muslims copy their prophet Muhammad. They revere Muhammad as their best example of how a man should act. Conquest, murder, terrorism, stealing, lying, intollerence, ignorance, multiple wives and enslavement are all traits of Islam's esteemed terrorists prophet Muhammad. There is no peaceful Islam. Take a good look at these pictures. In the faces of muslims there is no love, no compassion, no tollerence and no calls for peaceful coexistance. There is only anger, conquest, war and murderous intent. Media coverage of these violent muslim demonstrations have sent a chill of self-censorship down the cowardly backs of many journalists in tv news stations and newspapers in the US and around the world.

Around the US, and in the state of Illinois, journalists who published the Muhammad cartoons have been quietly fired. The University of Illinois fired two student journalists who had the guts to publish the cartoons in the Daily Illini newspaper.

In Chicago, tv news reporters and newspapers covered the events of the violent demonstrations without showing the actual cartoons. On Fox News, the journalists said they were 'conflicted' whether to published the cartoons on tv, or not, during their coverage of this news story. The cowardly self-censorship of the news staff won out. Fear could be seen on their faces. The journalists talked about the story of the cartoons, but were too scared to actually show the cartoons. Hypocritical journalists have no problem showing artworks or pictures insulting to the Christian and Jewish religions. When it comes to Islam, journalists have become scared cowards, unable to stand up for the freedom of speech they say they cherish so deeply.

In the Washington Post newspaper, Danish journalist Flemming Rose, who originally published the cartoons said,
"...if a (muslim) believer demands that I, as a non-believer, observe his taboos in the public domain, he is not asking for my respect, but for my submission. And that is incompatible with a secular democracy."
We should not tolerate muslim mob mentality. We should not tolerate muslim coersion. We should not tolerate muslim violence.

These so called 'peace loving muslims' are shown all over the world demonstrating their peacefulness by burning flags and holding signs saying to Europe, 'the next holocaust is coming!' In Syria, these 'peace loving muslims' are pictured burning down the Danish embassy. These same demonstrations are organized and planned by the government of Syria. Burning down an embassy is an act of war. When the Danish embassy is burned down, where are the calls for war with Syria? Where are the calls for war with Islam? Islam is clearly a religion that has long ago declared war on all Jews, Christians, and everyone not muslim. Syrian state sponsored violence is a clear act of war. Instead of united declarations of war, European governments have been mostly silent.

In Oct. '05, an Egyptian newspaper republished the Muhammad cartoons in a full page of cartoons. There was no demonstrations back then. Only when Christian European newspapers published the cartoons did the muslim world react. In reaction to the violent muslim riots in February, various newspapers across Europe have republished Kurt Westergaard's Muhammad cartoons in support of freedom of speech. Europeans are starting to show a backbone for freedom of speech and for the freedom to publish. It's important for 'the West' to not give in to the muslim mobs. Death threat fatwa's from muslim clerics have been given out on Kurt Westergaard, Flemming Rose, the publishers and the newspapers that were all involved in publishing the cartoons in Europe. Many people around the world, and especially in Europe, still remember when muslim terrorists assassinated famous Dutch director Theo Van Gaugh. He was killed in a public assinassion on the streets of Amsterdam. Mr. Van Gaugh was killed for making a movie telling the truth of real life abuse of muslim women.

Christian Europeans are waking up to the muslims enemy. This muslim enemy, who in only one generation of settling into European cities, has started riots, gang rapes and murders. In Paris, muslim riots have calmed down for now. For weeks, the news from France was filled with muslim gangs rioting, burning cars, killing and raping. Now cars around Paris are still burned nightly. But only one, or two a night. Cars stolen by muslims gangs continues. Rapes continue, but at a much slower rate too. Last summer's muslim bombins in London and Madrid and the muslim riots in Paris and London have caused Europeans to slowly realize they have to fight the real war. The US woke up on 9/11. Now, we in the US are at war with the muslim terrorists. The battle is ongoing. World War 3 has turned out to be Islam vs the West (Jews, Christians, Hindus & everyone else).


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