Tuesday, January 17, 2006

G-d Is In Charge!

If you've survived through a natural disaster like a huricane, tornado or tsnuami, you have to admit, G-d is in charge. On a truly vast scale, on a biblical scale, the southern United States has been hit hard. Only the truly blind refuse to see G-d and His work.

On Monday, Jan. 17, 2006 mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin, speaking on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, said the huricanes Katrina and Rita were a sign that "G-d is mad at America." Mayor Nagin went on to say, "Surly G-d is mad at America. He sent us huricane after huricane after huricane, and its destroyed and put stress on this country."

Mayor Nagin believes, like so many millions of Americans plainly see, G-d is in charge. He sent these huricanes as His judgement. We have fallen short of helping our fellew man. Showing kindness and above all G-d is mad that President Bush and Sec. of State Rice pressured Israel to withdraw from Jewish Gaza in southern Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Sharon, under intense pressure from US President Bush withdrew and destroyed Jewish Gaza, biblically part of southern Israel. Bush and Sharon destroyed part of southern Israel, so G-d destroyed part of the southern US. This is the justice of G-d. Clear and simple. G-d is in charge!

Prime Minister Sharon, under pressure from President Bush withdrew from southern Israel.


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