Thursday, January 12, 2006

2005 Year of Triple Huricanes, Tsunamis & Floods

Now the huricane season is finished, I can calm down and relax. 2005 has been a record breaking year. G-d sent huricanes, Katrina, Rita and Wilma to remind anyone stupid enough to forget, G-d is in charge.
The southern United States is still in demolition mode. After Aug. 29, hundreds of southern towns don't exist anymore. Many towns were completely washed away by huricane Katrina. The massive flooding damaged thousands of businesses and houses. Beloxi, Gulfport, Mississippi and Mobile, Alabama are rebuilding. After being hit hard by huricane Rita on Sept 24, many Texas towns around the Galvaston area are faced with thousands of homes damaged.
New Orleans, a city of over a half million people, is slowly being rebuilt too. About a 150,000 people have returned. Many people now working to rebuild New Orleans, are new immigrant workers from Mexico. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have not returned to the South, and may never return. Over 2 million southern Americans lives are forever changed by the vast devastation.
New Orleans was hit especially hard. The flooding was on a biblical scale. Three fourths of New Orleans and its suburbs are destroyed. Whole neighborhoods are left uninhabitable. What's left of much of New Orleans has to be demolished. Some houses can be saved by ripping out the first floors and rebuilding. Many houses silently stand as large tombstones. Most of New Orleans, its suburbs and surrounding towns are a total loss. New Orleans french quarter is coming back to life because its the only part of the city saved from double flooding caused by huricanes Katrina and Rita. Curfews have been lifted. Tourists are coming to see the devastation on tour buses. Dead bodies, or parts of them, are still being found. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are getting used to being refugees in their own country. Many people will never return to New Orleans. The trauma caused by the huricanes was too great.
In south Florida, the Fort Lauderdale/Miami and Florida Keys areas are slowly rebuilding from being hit by huricanes Katrina and Wilma. Electricity's finially back on in Ft. Lauderdale area. I see blue plastic tarps covering about a third of the roofs when I drive down I-75 and I-95 expressways. I see 'For Sale' signs everywhere in the Keys. In the neighborhoods around my Key Largo house, a fresh crop of houses have gone up for sale. Throughout Broward and Miami/Dade countys, thousands of trees are gone, unable to withstand the 2 huricanes.
For millions of American homeowners and landlords across the South, bills are now coming due. People are strained to pay monthly mortgages on houses that don't have roofs. Insurance companies have raised rates and escrow monthly payments by hundreds of dollars starting Feb. 1. The same insurance companies have not paid out claims yet to thousands of people. Peoples lives hang in balance, as insurance companies move at a snails pace paying claims. The South's slowly rebuilding, but wounds from the huricanes run deep. Wounds are still fresh and raw, but with faith and prayers people are now rebuilding and helping each other survive.
With faith in G-d, I pray that 2006 will be a year more calm, and less deadly. I have a suspision 2006 will be worse. My Jewish radar senses that 2006 will be more deadly because man refuses to understand what is clear to see. G-d is firm, and His law is written in the bible. His punishment is certain if His laws are violated. If man continues to give up the land of Israel to enemy terrorists, the anger of G-d will strike out to those who give up His land.
Ariel Sharon, the bulldozer warrior, steamrolled all Jewish opposition and withdrew from Jewish Gaza four months ago. Sharon broke all alliances with his past to push his plans through. Sharon broke Israeli laws and violated the legal property rights of 10 thousand Jewish settlers of Gaza and northern Samaria, Israel. Sharon fired anyone who politically stood in his way. Sharon broke the law of G-d, by giving up the land of Israel, so G-d broke Sharon. A flood of blood, this time not on a national scale, but inside Sharon's head, has downed the once great General Sharon. Heroic efforts by Jewish doctors have managed to keep Sharon alive, but if he lives, he'll be a damaged shell of what he once was.
I fear Israel will not learn the lesson that G-d has His plan. Ehud Omert, now acting Prime Minister of Israel, seems to be following Sharon's path. Cowardly retreat of Israeli politicians from G-d given land will spell more disasters coming from G-d in 2006. We better work with G-d's plan, and not against it. We better work building the land of Israel and not destroying it. We better see what is plain to me, instead of denying G-d's plan and criticizing any who speak of the bible. I fear what G-d will do to us all if Israel loses its war on terrorism. If Israel loses more land, the year 2005, the year of triple huricanes, asian tsunamis, earthquakes and floods, will be just the start of more deadlier disasters. In 2006 even more huricanes will come if Israel gives up more land. May G-d have mercy on the innocent and on us believers in the law of G-d. May G-d guide us to His correct path of building and settling the land of Israel. Lech Lecha.


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