Thursday, September 08, 2005

Measure For Measure

Americans have been shocked and driven to tears watching on tv and computers the devastation and vast destruction done by G-d's huricane Katrina. New Orleans, a city of 'saints and sinners', a city I've traveled to 6 times, a city I love, has been almost totally destroyed. Only the high ground of the French Quarter was saved from severe flooding. Beloxi, Gulfport, Mississippi and Mobile, Alabama also took hard hits from the huricane. Across hundreds of miles of the southern United States, G-d flooded cities and towns, causing damage and destruction on a biblical scale.
Anyone traveling through the South saw first hand the massive destruction. My eyes have personally seen G-d's huricane and His flood damages. Everyone who has survived a huricane knows in his heart, mind and soul that G-d is in charge.
On Wednesday, August 24, I had to board up my Florida Keys house, and kiss it goodbye. As I boarded up the windows with plywood, I felt G-d coming fast and hard. The pressure dropped fast as Katrina came closer. All day long my dog Ze'evi was scared, his tail down, looking to run or hide. All other animals had left the Keys or were hiding before the huricane came close. The 'silence before the storm' was iry and made me nervous. With faith, I believed G-d would spare the Keys from His wrath.
Katrina hit south Florida on August 25, from Ft. Lauderdale through the Keys as a weak cat. 1 huricane. The 'eye' of the huricane passed over Ft. Lauderdale area. Tornadoes spun off, killing about a dozen people and ripping roofs off of some houses. Miami and the Keys were hit by winds and flooding. Many trees came crashing down, crushing houses, people and cars. The weak cat. 1 huricane degraded into a tropical storm. It passed over south Florida, and then out into the Gulf of Mexico. Once a huricane comes into the Gulf, with its warm waters and shallow sandy bottom, its certain to make a huricane much stronger and deadlier. The Gulf is the perfect feeding ground for huricanes.
Most Floridians were relieved that damages and deathes were less then exspected. I'm sad to say, New Orleans was not so lucky. Once in the Gulf, G-d turned huricane Katrina sharply north, directly heading for New Orleans, Beloxi and Gulfport. Katrina hit New Orleans on Monday, August 29, about 630 am. as a cat. 4 huricane with 130 mph winds. Thousands of people were killed in the flood waters of New Orleans. Many people are missing. Some people were killed in the days after the huricane, when flood waters covered 4 southern states. Abandoned by the US government, what was left of New Orleans turned into suvival mode and anarchy. New Orleans was looted, people killed people and bodies float through the flooded streets. Many people's bodies will never be found. The flood waters and wild animals took care of that.
Although the southern states had some time to prepare, the state governments, as well as the federal US government, were all caught unprepared for such a devestating huricane that destroyed almost everything in its path. Government beaurocratic incompetence, showcased by FEMA guys who's job it is to handle such disasters and provide Americans with help, were mostly caught sleeping or 'out to lunch'. The head of FEMA, Michael Brown, worried about what tie to wear at exspensive lunches, rather then trying to provide Americans with water, food, evacuation buses or help.
The southern US Gulf states in the huricanes path were devastated. Lousiana, southern Mississippi and southern Alabama took direct hits of a strengthened catagory 4 massive huricane. New Orleans, Beloxi and Gulfport received massive flood damage on a biblical scale. Hundreds of small towns were wiped off the map, and don't exist anymore. The leveys around New Orleans broke in several places, and the city was flooded with toxic polluted waters up to the roofs of houses. Thousands of people were trapped inside the flooded city. Huricane Katrina killed thousands of Americans, destroyed millions of peoples homes, boats, businesses and destroyed almost all of New Orleans. The french quarter was the only high ground spared from the worst flooding. The Convention Center and the Superdome, where people camped out, degenerated into hell on earth. Dead bodies, robbery, gangs and nightly shootings became reality. What was left of New Orleans was looted and set on fire in rage and anarchy. People trapped in the city, showed the best and wrost in human nature. While some people were saving lives with rooftop helecopter rescues, other people were killing and robbing anything they could reach.
Two weeks before, huricane Katrina was not even on the radar screens. Huricanes Katrina seemed to appear right after Sharon evicted and destroyed Jews from their G-d given land of Gaza and northern Sameria, Israel. G-d's plan is clear to see for people who have their mind and eyes open to read the clues. My parents, typical assimilated American Jews, see G-d as more distant. In my dad's opinion, G-d is to be prayed to on High holidays and Shabbos, but G-d is not involved too much in the daily affairs of mankind. This huricane changed his mind.
G-d is involved in every part of my life. G-d directs my life, when I want Him to and even when I don't. During the worst times of my life, I've been surprised to see G-d steering me in ways I never anticipated. If you seek holiness and live by the laws of the bible, G-d will direct you towards good people and away from evil. Evil people are disspelled by goodness and Torah's laws. Some people have argued with me that its presumptious of me to know G-d's plans. I don't proclaim that I know G-d's plans, but even insurance companies catagorize huricane Katrina as 'an act of G-d' . Anyone who has visited the South, can see for themselves. Its plain as day. New Orleans, Beloxi, Gulfport and hundreds of small towns have been visited by G-d's justice. Only people who choose to not see the obvious huricane damages, and are truly ignorant, refuse to believe what is plain to see. G-d is involved in our affairs. G-d has His plan. In the bible, G-d says, anyone who gives away G-d's land of Israel will be cursed and G-d's anger and punishment will be merited out to those who violate His laws.
G-d punished President Bush for his support of the destruction of parts of southern Israel by detroying parts of the southern United States. Now I wonder what will G-d do to Sharon? G-d hands out punishment measure for measure. As Sharon sowes, so shall he reap. Sharon was the driving force behind the destruction of Jewish Gaza, Gush Katif and northern Sameria. Sharon has a special place in hell for his betrayal of loyal Torah loving Jews and for giving up G-d's land. I fear G-d. I fear the punishment G-d has in store for Sharon and his treasonous expulsion partners. Measure for measure.