Sunday, August 28, 2005

Ariel Sharon the Traitor

Ariel Sharon, the bulldozer general, prime minister and hero of Israel's Wars, has turned an about-face, becoming Israel's worst traitor. Sharon is now a modern day Benidict Arnold. Sharon, his sons and his political allies have given up some of MY inheritence in the land of Israel, and MY children's inheritence in their land of Israel. May Sharon rot in jail for his treason to the Jewish people of Israel.
In the United States, treason is punished often by long jail sentences. In the case of Jonathan Pollard, passing classified US gov. information on Iran's nuclear program to Israel got Pollard a life sentence. For Sharon's treason of uprooting 21 Jewish Gaza towns and ruining thousands of Jewish lives and thriving farm businesses, Sharon got President Bush's handshake and invitation to bbq at Bush's Crawford Texas ranch. So much for fighting terrorists in Israel. Giving Arab terrorists Israeli land is the biggest reward yet for Arabs who only know how to kill Jews.
On the 9th of Av we now have a new mourning and saddness. We Jews have a new kick in the head, for Sharon has kicked all Jews with a cheap shot. Ariel Sharon has given up on Jewish Gaza and parts of northern Sameria, in an effort to force a settlement of the Arab/Israeli war. Going against Israeli and Lukid party voters, Sharon, the bulldozer, is trying to give up large parts of Israel by destroying Jewish settlements and Jewish towns with intentions to do more 'painful withdrawals'. Withdrawal under fire from the ancient Jewish heartland of Judea and Samaria goes against millions of Israelis wishes and democratic votes. The nagging thought of Sharon doing all this to avoid jail time and stay in power keeps me wondering who is pulling Sharon's strings.
Sharon lied to everyone to get out of Gaza fast. Sharon's "No Retreat Under Fire" became exactly the opposite. With motars, kassam rockets, roadside bombs, shootings, and bomber belts found all coming from the 'peaceful Arabs' in Khan Yunis and other refugee camps, "Retreat Under Fire" became the nightmare reality, or the joke, depending on what side your on. Thanks to Sharon & Bush, the modern day Laurel and Hardey; in one week, Jewish Gaza has been turned from a paradise to a hell on earth.
Ariel Sharon's son, Omri, looks to do jail time soon, as Israel's Attorney General, Menachem Mazuz has said. "Omri Sharon is expected to be indicted on Sunday, facing charges of illegal election fundraising (bribes) in Ariel Sharon's 1999 Likud primary race for the party leadership. Efforts to reach a plea-bargain agreement with Omri failed when Attorney General Mazuz insisted the deal include jail time." Omri Sharon wants to take his chances with a criminal trial. Omri knows he can bribe judges and lawyers and he has a decent chance at beating the charges. The evidence shows that Omri was deeply involved in illegal campaign contributions, bribes, corruption, and illegal offshore business and real estate deals in the Greek islands.
Now that Sharon's retreat has finished pulling 10,000 Jews out of 21 beautiful, prosperous Jewish towns in Gaza and 4 Jewish towns in northern Sameria, the dogs of politics are calling for early elections. Peres, Beilin, Lapid and Sarid and others are calling for elections. Binyamin Netanyahu very much wants to become Prime Minister again. If I was a betting man, I'd bet Netanyahu will be our next Prime Minister. Sharon seems to be heading for early retirement to count Sheep on his farm, and it can't come too soon!!
I offer my heart felt sympathy and support to all my Jewish brothers and sisters of former Jewish Gaza and northern Samaria who have been illegally thrown out of their homes. This is a violation of thier human rights. The world would never tolerate evictions for Arabs, but evictions for Jews is OK. The world's silence is deafening.
The 'Wandering Jew' is now a reality again in 2005/5765. I never thought I would see the day that the 'Wandering Jew' would be played out again. It hurts even more that Sharon, whose whole life's work was to defend and build up Israel, did this to Torah loving Jews of Gaza and Samaria. Now the flood gates have been opened. The world's appetite has been whetted, and enemies of Israel now have a taste for more Jewish land to be given up. World leaders can heardly contain their glee at congrats to Ariel Sharon and his evil expulsion actions. Once again, its 'open season' on Jews.
Sharon's unilateral retreat from Gaza has made Jewish ownership of land, houses and property less secure all over the world. In the US, my hold on real estate I own here feels less secure. I feel it in the eyes of Jews I meet all over Chicago. I feel less secure in ownership when I visit my real estate in Florida as well. It's on the mind of more then a few people. I heard similiar thoughts echoed in services in a miami shul. Jews feel more threatened and less secure. Do gentiles think I as a Jewish landlord have less right to own real estate now? If Jews can be driven off land in Israel, do Jews still have a right to own our own land anywhere?
I pray to G-d that soon a real leader of Israel, a lover of Torah, be it Jewish man or woman, will be elected, such as Nadia Matar, Daniella Weiss, Beni Elon, Effie Etam or Moshe Feiglin to be prime minister of Israel. We need a real Jewish leader who knows our great history and our attachment to the land, and will lead our Jewish nation to G-d's destiny that Torah tells us we Jews will become. We must reclaim all Jewish real estate and own it directly and with honor and pride of ownerhship. We Jews must reclaim our holy Temple Mount which is the key to all of Jerusalem and Israel. To rebuild our holy Temple and be a light onto the nations for the power and honor of G-d.
Today Gaza has been abandoned to enemy terrorist Arabs. Tomorrow Sharon will be aiming for Judea and Jerusalem to be given up next. We must stop Sharon, as he has turned into an evil traitor. WE ALL must stop Sharon before he gives away the land of Israel that I love and I dream of making aliyah to soon.
"For Jerusalem's sake I will not be silent."